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Sacha Silva is Canadian-born of Sri Lankan and Bulgarian blood, whose music grows from his double life as a guitarist-composer and globe-trotting development economist. Together with singer Munya B, composer/cellist Drew Morgan and flautist Eliza Marshall, the band creates a new kind of world music, one which speaks to a new generation of global wanderers, travelers, immigrants, expats and half-breeds. The band's unique and accessible blend of Spanish, Indian and modern classical influences reflect the band's beginnings in the global melting-pot of London.

Their bold, remarkable sound quickly garnered rave reviews throughout the world music community right from their debut CD Susurro, which was called "unforgettable, passionate and startling [with] jaw-dropping beauty and sophistication" by indie pioneers in a five star "Editor's Pick" review.

Critics and DJs on four continents called their second CD, Anatomy of a Coup, an "audacious [and] impressionistic recording that gives music the last say" (Rootsworld magazine) and "a beautiful album [that] celebrates the resilience of the human spirit... Sacha Silva joins a very special group of musicians like Nitin Sawhney [and] Rupa and the April Fishes, who marry masterful musicianship with insightful examinations of the human condition." (SAMAR Magazine). The CD is based on Sacha's two-year journey through the South Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and was inspired by the 2006 military coup in Fiji.

The band has just released their third CD, Pentecost, which brings a more organic, improvised and energetic sound. fRoots magazince called "Pentecost" "beautiful [and] reflective... I really can't think of much else I'd rather be listening to right now", and Rootsworld magazine called it "remarkable", "profound" and "impossible to classify". The band toured the US East Cost in 2011 and Europe in 2012.

The band was formed in London in 2000 when three global wanderers ended up as next-door neighbors: Sacha, studying trade and poverty after three years of performing flamenco and Indian classical music in San Francisco, Southern Spain and New Delhi; Munya, studying economic development after years of performing for All-India Radio; and Drew, a Fellow of Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London who'd just moved from Chicago. These three students began performing and recording together, inspired by the idea of making a new kind of world music.